Acer Nitro [5] AN515-57 Laptop Battery Problems and Warranty Question

My Nitro laptop battery is supposedly in “Good” health when I check it in the Acer Care Center. Then why does the battery not even last two hours on a full charge of 80% – 100%? It has been doing this since I purchased it back in July of this year. Also, when I disconnect the AC DC-in unit, the battery quickly drains to less than 10% in less than an hour! That is definitely not normal or good. Acer online support is so bad that all you get when trying to start a chat session is a 403 Error again and again. The phone support number does you no good either, you are put on hold or disconnected before you get any help. Can somebody please help me and thank you.

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’re experiencing with your Acer Nitro AN515-57 laptop’s battery and the difficulties in getting adequate support. Here are some steps and suggestions that might assist you:

  1. Battery Calibration: Sometimes, recalibrating the battery can help the system to read the actual capacity better. Try using the battery until it completely drains, then fully recharge it without interruptions. This might help recalibrate the battery and improve the accuracy of the reported charge.
  2. Power Settings: Check your power settings to ensure that the laptop is configured for power efficiency. Adjust settings to ensure that the battery isn’t draining excessively during normal use.
  3. Battery Health and Care: It’s peculiar that a “Good” health status is indicated despite the poor battery performance. You may consider seeking a second opinion regarding the battery health. There might be an underlying issue with the battery that needs to be checked by a professional.
  4. Warranty Claim: Given that your laptop was purchased in July, it should still be within the warranty period. If the battery continues to underperform despite troubleshooting, it might be worthwhile to explore a warranty claim or a replacement for the battery through Acer’s official support channels.
  5. Alternative Support Channels: Aside from the online chat and phone support, consider looking for support forums, community platforms, or social media channels where Acer representatives might be responsive. Sometimes, these alternative channels can provide helpful advice or direct you to the right support personnel.
  6. Local Acer Service Centers: Acer might have authorized service centers in your area. Visiting one of these centers could provide a direct and hands-on assessment of the battery’s health and potential solutions.

I understand the frustration with the customer support experience you’ve encountered. It might be worthwhile to keep trying through different channels or even consider reaching out to the place of purchase for guidance on warranty claims and support options.

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